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How Simple Words Of Encouragement Can Make You Smile

Children Are Our Future

Why is it that some simple words of encouragement can help people in truly magnificent ways? Out of all the motivating and inspiring people out there who have an impact on us, children are most certainly in a league of their own. Without question, there are many motivational youngsters all over the whole world. When ever people are youthful they are full of fire and presence, and we most likely have not been succumbed from unfavorable considerations and experiences of their parents or the other people that have influence over our lives. Children can offer people a joyful and colorful point of view regarding the more complicated issues that face our society today. This point of view can be quite refreshing. Their words of encouragement that come from a truly noble and honest place can help bring down unenpowering cultral norms that have been around for generations.

A Child's Perspective Can Be Infectious

You see, children's perspectives on these adult issues comes from a place which is pure and lacking of negativity. To truly understand how a childs perspective can change the way we view things you have to find a child who is not scared to speak their mind. A child that has a good understanding of the problems that face people today. Well fear not, a child like this has recently come into the spot light. Her name is Lennon Brock and she is only 4 years old. Yes, that's right, she is only 4 years old. She has started a YouTube channel which features her discussing such topics as emotions, spirituality, fear, and our lifes purpose. She has been interviewed several times now and her schedule is filling up quickly. She has even been offerend a scholarship award from a national non profit to help spread her spread her inspiring message around the world. 

A Future Star In The Making

So what does the future hold for Lennon? Well the first thing that comes to mind is that whatever it is it will certainly be a bright one. She is not only wise beyond her years, but she also has a knack for conveying a message in a way that makes people listen. She is making a splash in her hometown of St. Petersburg Florida and her message is being heard around the world. As of the time this was written her videos have been seen in over 135 countries and it is by no means slowing down. We can only hope that this little spit fire keeps up the good work. We are very interested in seeing just how far she'll go as she rides this wave of inspiration spreading words of encouragement all over the world. She is one of the inspirational kids we have ever heard and we can't wait to see where here journey takes her. Maybe the White House....? Who know's, but anything is possible.

Post by wordsofencouragement (2015-09-05 22:16)

Tags: words of encouragement inspirational kids motivational kids

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